SMARTech is the SMART choice for call center technology and server storage. As a relationship-based company, our team is continually working to provide customers with a superior level of customer support and services. You can rely on us to provide advanced notifications, continual monitoring, and constant communication.

Colocation Services


We understand the delicate nature of your data and importance of meeting your security requirements. We support a customer’s desire to retain some or all infrastructure on-premises, whether it is because of application readiness, architecture, security concerns, part of a disaster recovery plan, or simply a business priority.

Our seasoned technicians support anything from a basic, un-managed colocation to detailed, biometric 24/7 monitored managed colocation. We provide guidance and suggestions on current environments as well as advanced notifications of utilization issues and warnings. With redundant power, environmentals, and connectivity – and security features including triple-layered authentication, 24/7 monitoring, reinforced concrete walls, and backup power grids – you can trust Airnet with your business critical information and equipment every hour of every day.

smartCall™ Center


smartCall™ Center is perfect for organizations that want to spend their time & money communicating rather than making large, upfront capital investments into expensive hardware-centric call center solutions that will quickly grow old & outdated.

Our system is so light & simple that as long as you can plug into an internet connection and power source you will be making VoIP calls within 48 hours of your initial request.

From single-room phone-a-thons to full-scale national call campaigns, smartCall™ Center has been designed to accommodate rapid VoIP scalability without sacrificing usability

With smartCall Center, we have already built-out the extensive back-end IT infrastructure & Data Centers that support each of your phone banks. Because of this, you simply plug your simple three-piece system in and remotely connect to our powerful resources to begin your campaigns. This simple design eliminates the need for expensive high-end onsite servers and the costly technicians required to manage and troubleshoot them.

Because you are essentially renting a sliver of our Data Center resources versus building-out an expensive Data Center of your own, smartCall Center is a perfect match for short-term political campaigns or organizational annual funds that can’t spend thousands today in order to communicate tomorrow.

Simply lease the smartCall Center solution for however long your needs require, and return it when you’re through. You will undoubtedly be pleasantly surprised at how easily smartCall Center can fit into your budget and operations…

From single-room phone-a-thons to full-scale national call campaigns, smartCall™ Center has been designed to accommodate rapid VoIP scalability without sacrificing usability.

SMARTech Smart Communicator


Scalable (Office PBX) Call Systems & Call Centers

  • Customers made Over 70 Million Calls Thru Airnet During 8 Months in 2012
  • 2000+ Remote Call Centers Set Up with Airnet Equipment
  • 68 Trillion Data Touches During 2012 Cycle
  • High Volume Call Centers Can be Set up in Less Than 48 Hours at Remote Locations
  • Phone-from-Home Capability